Will Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers Treat People Under Age 21?

Will Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers Treat People Under Age 21?

Will Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers Treat People Under Age 21?

In today’s society, we often hear about adults dealing with drug and alcohol addictions. But, they’re not the only ones struggling to gain control of their life. There are those considered to be underage that find themselves in the same shoes as the adults. We know that they allow only people of legal age access to alcohol at liquor stores or bars. So, that leaves many people wondering if alcohol treatment centers treat people under 21 years of age.

Since more DUI’s are handed out to teenage drivers these days, we know that alcohol is a problem for underage kids. It’s important to get them the same help older alcoholics have access to, so the addiction doesn’t get worse or cause them more trouble down the line. Here, we’ll look at whether we can help those under 21, how treatments differ from adults and when rehab should become an option.

Will an Alcohol treatment center treat people under age 21?

They design rehab centers to help drug and alcohol addicts overcome their problem. Counseling sessions, therapy groups, and skill training classes work together to build confidence and strength to beat the addiction plaguing them. Since they put laws in place to ensure that only those of legal age can purchase alcoholic drinks, it raises the question of what the age range is that rehab will help. There are plenty of centers available that take individuals under the age of 21 as well as those much older.

Some even specialize in that age group, specifically teen recovery facilities. While we prevent underage teens, by law, from purchasing the alcohol, it doesn’t mean they won’t find other ways to get their hands on it. Friends, who are of legal age can easily buy it for them or teens may even steal from their own parents’ liquor cabinets. Alcohol ruins live no matter if you’re an adult or someone under the age of 21. Recovery facilities recognize the need for underage alcoholic addiction treatment and have met that need with tailored treatments.

How alcohol treatment differs for those under age 21

Most alcoholics find success with intensive counseling and peer support therapy groups. Teen addicts included. The age difference for teens or those of legal age isn’t any different from the skills taught by rehab facilities. What makes them different lies in the fact that the addict is sometimes under the age of 18 and are under the care of parents or guardians. This can make their treatment a little trickier. A recovery center, in most cases, will need permission from the parent or guardian to use the prescribed treatments for the individual under 18.

This is usually not a problem, because most rehab centers keep the parents in the loop of everything going on in the facility. Also, you might see more family group therapy. To help the individual beat their addition, sometimes the rest of the family are brought in to learn effective ways to deal with the loved one when triggers occur that cause the drinking.

Do those under 21 really need alcohol treatment?

It’s common for parents to see their teenager get drunk once and think that it was a one-time thing. However, there’s a good chance that it’s not. More than likely it’s happened before, or will happen again, especially if they think they got away with it this time. Getting an underage person help as soon as possible will increase your chances of beating their addiction. To know if someone you love, who’s under 21, needs treatment or not, look for these signs:

  • A radical change in their behavior
  • Hangover-like sickness on several occasions
  • Clothes smell strongly of alcohol

While a change in behavior can be indicative of many things, if it accompanies hangovers the morning after spending time with friends, an alcohol problem is most likely afoot. Talk to the individual about it and consult experts in rehab centers that specialize in underage alcoholic addictions. Letting the addiction continue without getting it under control, could cause the person more heartache in the future. Like causing an accident that harms another person.

Alcohol addictions occur to anyone pretty much at any age. Those under the legal age of 21 are not immune to this addiction disease. They will need help beating the problem, just like adults do. Find a center near you that can help teens find relief from their addiction before things get out of hand. For more information about underage drinking and treatment, call us at 866-300-6707. We’re here to help.