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Who Can Go To Drug Rehab In Indiana?

Who Can Go To Drug Rehab In Indiana?

Substance addiction has been declared a global disaster that requires attention and correction. Due to various reasons, many people fall victims of substance abuse, and it affects the individual’s quality of life. Its detrimental effects affect even those close to you, including partners, relatives, children, and workmates. Anyone can become a victim of substance abuse regardless of their background.

Thankfully, medical advancements and flexible treatment terms have made substance addiction treatment a reality. Today, many addicts benefit from treatment provided in rehab facilities. But is there a criterion for choosing who gets to go to rehab for addiction treatment? Let’s find out.

Who is a good candidate for rehab?

It quite obvious that rehab centers are set to help people struggling to fight the substance dependency menace. However, some factors, such as having children, active employment, and financial status, may hinder you from admitting yourself into a rehab facility. Mostly, the decision to go for substance addiction treatment depends on you as an individual. However, in severe cases, the court may order mandatory rehab for you.

Parents with children

Treating addicts who have children requires a distinct approach. Many parents are reluctant when seeking addiction treatment due to the fear of losing their children. However, even without treating the drug dependency, it may get worse, and in the long run, it ends up affecting the kids. In some cases, the children become drug addicts themselves. For this reason, parents in recovery could benefit immensely from being assured that their children will be involved in the rebuilding and therapeutic processes offered by the rehab center. Rehab centers support healing and bonding programs that will aid both the parents and their children recover from the addiction experience.

Young adults

Young adults with no children normally will fall into substance addiction due to societal and peer pressure. This lot requires immense support from family and friends during recovery. While many young adults are forced into drug treatment, experts suggest that short-term forced treatments may not be adequate to help them thrive through sobriety for long. Rehab centers provide conducive environments for recovery and will give the young adult the freedom to choose who he or she would want as part of the support team. There are also family therapies for young adults and their families to trace the right recovery routes together.


Children also stand vulnerable to becoming drug addicts. Exposure to drugs at an early age can trigger an addiction crisis in a child. As a parent, it’s easy to notice if your child has been abusing drugs away from home. Children have full access to drug treatment services as anyone but will require the guidance and presence of a guardian for admission at the rehab center. Children need the support system of their parents to help them recover.

Family members to the addict

As earlier stated, substance addiction effects extend to the immediate family and friends. Customized family therapies with and without the addict’s presence, aid family members, and close friends to open up about their experiences while handling the addict. These conversations aid the therapist to uncover the reasons behind the substance abuse and how well to help the individual. The therapy also focuses on helping the family recover from the trauma that might have been caused by the addict during their addiction phase. The sessions will also include effective ways to support the addict after they recover and how to help them prevent a relapse after being released from rehab.

Adults in employment

The majority of substance addicts are active members of the U.S labor force. Substance addiction can have a negative effect on your career, safety at work, and reputation. Rehab treatment seems to be the last resort to ensuring that you safeguard your employment status. The question is, can you keep your job while in rehab? Most employees will struggle with the addiction issues for fear of losing their jobs. Nonetheless, without treatment, fate always catches up due to reduced productivity, absence, strained relationships, and punctuality issues.

Luckily, as addiction is identified as a major threat to the active workforce, most rehab facilities design programs that allow individuals to stay employed as well as receive treatment, simultaneously. Some will prefer to let the individuals take a legal leave of absence to enable them to focus on their substance addiction recovery solely.

Basically, anyone with an addiction is required to seek treatment before the problem progresses into severe levels. Are you struggling from any substance abuse problem? Call us today at 866-300-6707; we are here to help you regain your footing.