Services Offered at Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Indiana

What Specific Services Will You Find at a Rehab Center for Alcohol and Drugs?

What Specific Services Will You Find at a Rehab Center for Alcohol and Drugs?

When it comes to researching rehab centers, you’ll find many programs to choose from. Some are inpatient that require a lengthy stay at a clinic. Others use outpatient treatments that are scheduled around a person’s lifestyle. Finding one that will help you find success at getting rid of your addiction, will depend on what types of programs you need for your situation. With all the information out there, it can confuse anyone on what specific services you can find at a rehab center for alcohol and drugs.

Each center offers different treatments and some specialize in areas, such as holistic programs. Here we’ll explore what types of services you might find in most rehab centers, whether they’re for drugs or alcohol. This guide will focus mainly on inpatient centers.

Detox Services at a rehab center for alcohol and drugs

If you’re signing up for an inpatient program, more often than not, you’ll need detox services. Detox is the process you’ll go through to get alcohol or drugs out of your system, to prepare you for the rest of the program. When an addiction abruptly stops, then withdrawals set in. Your body can react in a variety of ways to the loss of the substance that it’s gotten used to. It’s important to have experts on hand to keep an eye on the whole process, so you’re not tempted to give in and go back to using the object of your addiction. Also, some people can react in more serious ways, like seizure activity. Having medical experts on hand will ensure you get through the process safely.

Sometimes, they use certain medications to help curb the effects that withdrawals place on the body. Medical professionals will monitor those meds so nothing goes wrong with your health. Not everyone will need prescription meds in detox, though. Admission experts will evaluate your situation and the severity of your addiction to determine if you qualify for a medical detox program. Even with medications, you could still experience uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. Some of them include:

  • Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Inability to focus

Counseling services at a rehab center for alcohol and drugs

After you complete detox, you’ll move on to the next phase which will involve some type of therapy. One on one counseling sessions is important because they will help you figure out parts of your history and family background that might have contributed to the beginning of your addiction. As you walk through the possible culprits, you can come to terms with them and learn healthier ways to handle those situations.

Another common type of therapy used in rehab is group therapy sessions. Getting together in groups helps you deal with your addiction by hearing other people’s stories. Realizing you’re not alone and finding out what others in the group are doing or have done can inspire you to work even harder to get rid of the substance that took control of your life for a while. They give you a chance to bond with people in similar situations and find accountability partners who can cheer you on while you help build them up.

Life skills training and other activities at alcohol and drug rehab centers

Counseling services help you deal with the addiction and teaches you to cope in different ways. But, before you go back to your regular life, you need to learn how to live without having the addiction steering you to make unhealthy decisions. Rehab for drugs or alcohol often provide life skills training to teach you how to budget your money better, or how to seek employment.

Besides learning life skills, you may even learn to add healthier things into your life. You can find the best exercise programs for you and how to implement them regularly at your home. Learning how nutrition plays a part in a healthier you, can also make a big difference. Some rehab centers will help you plan more positive activities to keep the old addictive habits away from your new lifestyle.

Beating addiction is more than just getting the alcohol or drugs out of your system. It’s about using a few different services that complement and work alongside each other to learn how to live your life a bit differently than you did before. From figuring out what may have caused the problem in the first place to getting educated on better ways to cope, you can find relief from the binds of addiction. For more information, feel free to call us at 866-300-6707. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have.