Is The Rehab Center Near Me Better Than One Far Away?

Is The Rehab Center Near Me Better Than One Far Away?

Is The Rehab Center Near Me Better Than One Far Away?

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Once you’ve made the important, life-affirming decision to get help for your drug or alcohol addiction, you’ll need to determine the best place to receive treatment. In some instances, having the support of relatives and friends both during and after rehab can be essential. In others, patients can get the most benefits by distancing themselves from toxic environments and codependent relationships that actually contribute to their problems. Ultimately, there are many different factors that you’ll have to consider when determining the best program and program location for you.

It’s important to note that most needs-specific facilities may not be available in your area. For instance, if you’ve attempted to achieve sobriety before and have relapsed multiple times, you’ll likely get the greatest benefits from a long-term program that last 90 days or longer. If long-term treatment isn’t accessible in your area, agreeing to travel for rehab could prove essential. Many patients start looking for treatment centers and locations by talking with their health insurance companies. Once you’ve learned more about the different in-network programs that are accessible to you, you can choose one based upon the types of therapies and rehabilitative services supplied. Although location is definitely a vital factor in the selection process, it should never be the sole factor considered. It is far better to look for needs and circumstance-specific treatment options that will give you the individualized services and support you require.

Determining Which Aspects Of Treatment Are Going To Be Right For You

Choosing the right center and program can be a daunting process indeed. The good news is that you can get knowledgeable help and guidance every step of the way. A number of people are dealing with both alcohol or substance abuse, and one or more untreated mental health issues. In these instances, the root of addiction is often tied to efforts to self-medicate. For example, if you suffer from chronic depression, you might be using various substances to boost your mood or to make day-to-day living more tolerable.

Rather than focusing on the location of a program, you’ll want to make sure that a treatment facility has options for addressing co-occurring disorders. When this is the case, you’ll be able to learn new coping strategies along with other techniques for maintaining lifelong sobriety, even as you receive proper treatment for the mental health issues that have ultimately led to addiction. When co-occurring disorders exist, this type of multi-pronged treatment plan is absolutely imperative.

Signs That Long Distance Rehab Is The Best Choice

When accessible, in-network treatment options that are far away from the patient’s location of residence can often be quite beneficial. These centers distance patients from very environments and relationships that are contributing to their substance abuse. You might benefit from a treatment center outside of your area if:

  • Co-dependent family members or friends support your drug use
  • You’re looking for a fresh start and a fresh, clean slate
  • You want the chance to dissociate yourself from negative influences and other triggers
  • Going out of state is the only way to access the program features you need
  • You’ve tried local treatment options before and without success

Keep in mind, however, that out-of-state treatment programs could require more out-of-pocket spending on your part. As such, you always want to weigh your options carefully and determine how best to use your in-network provisions and resources to get the care, guidance, and support you need. You can always get help in the selection process so that none of your available resources are overlooked, and so that all of your treatment needs are properly accounted for.

Understanding The Benefits Of Local Treatment

When choosing to enter a local rehab center, it’s generally best for patients to opt for inpatient treatment. This way, they can experience extended periods of separation from the people, environments, and triggers that have the highest likelihood of derailing their efforts to achieve lasting sobriety. With inpatient treatment, you’ll spend sufficient time apart from these things for learning healthy coping habits, establishing boundaries, and developing critical life skills among other things. By the time you reenter society, you’ll be ready to face the challenges, stressors, and temptations that the real world invariably entails, and without relapsing.

With long-term treatment, many patients are able to earn day passes once they’ve sufficiently progressed in therapy. These unsupervised visits allow them to reconnect with their loved ones, and to use their newfound coping skills in real-world applications. When choosing a local treatment center, day passes will allow you to reenter familiar environments and revisit old contacts. You will have to decide whether this level of accessibility is going to be right for you. To get started on your recovery journey and to learn more about your full range of options for treatment, call us today at 866-300-6707.