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Is a Louisville Rehab My Best Bet for Avoiding Relapse?

Is a Louisville Rehab My Best Bet for Avoiding Relapse?

When seeking treatment for addiction, you want to go to a rehab center that is focused solely on your recovery. Even if they have a ton of other patients there, you want to make sure that your own recovery journey is met with the same care and attention as given to anyone else. It can sometimes be easy to fall through the cracks in treatment centers that aren’t devoted to the recovery of their patients.

This isn’t the case at rehab in Lousiville. Attending drug rehab in Louisville is important because it can help keep you from relapsing once you leave. A relapse can occur when a patient didn’t receive the quality of care that they needed in a rehab center. This care can be in the form of a proper withdrawal process or even therapy. While the fault isn’t the rehab center’s alone, it is supposed to give the patient with the resources and support that they need to transition into the real world without relapsing. There are many ways in which a Louisville rehab center can help you recover and avoid relapse. Read on to find out how.

Tackling Addiction

The biggest hurdle that Lousiville rehabs have to help patients jump over is their addiction. Drugs can keep the brain from producing certain hormones that make the person feel happy, satisfied, or even pleasure. In order to feel those sensations, they have to turn to the drug again and again. Yet in so doing, they only further injure their brains. It’s an endless cycle. A rehab center works to break that cycle. First, the body has to be purged of its toxins.

This is known as withdrawal. You’re in a fight with your own brain and body as it struggles to work out the last of the toxins that the drug-filled it with. Once the body is purged of them, you’re left with a blank slate where you can start to rewire your brain. That’s when the therapist and therapies come into play. A therapist will help you learn new behavior that can replace bad behavior. Instead of using a drug when you’re stressed, bored, anxious, or depressed, you’ll be introduced to new behaviors that you can do instead.

Uncovering the situations and events that lead to drug use is also vital. It can help you avoid them in the future or utilize your new behaviors in order to deal with those triggers. A Lousiville rehab can also help you avoid relapse by offering the following.

1. Support Networks

One of the biggest reasons that people relapse is because they don’t have support. In the rehab center, you are often assigned to some form of group therapy. You can share your experiences with this group and learn about theirs, too. Together, you forge strong relationships that are supportive and motivational. You can take this group with you when you transition back into the real world.

Whenever you feel as though you’re struggling, you can call a friend from the group for advice or motivation. It’s also possible to find group therapy outside of a rehab center. However, you don’t always feel as connected to those individuals as you do to the ones in the rehab center with you. That’s because, in the rehab center, you’re all fighting for the same thing in an enclosed environment. It forges bonds and friendships.

2. Withdrawal Monitoring

For some people, the withdrawal experience can be intense and even traumatic. Those who try to undergo withdrawal on their own cannot always withstand the temptation to give in and take the drug. Or the toll that the withdrawal takes on the body might be too much. They could cripple themselves or even go into cardiac arrest. A rehab center in Lousiville can provide a patient with monitored withdrawal.

A doctor is right there and watching them carefully each day. Should something occur, they can assist them and maybe even save their life. They’re also able to offer their patients non-addictive prescriptions that can ease the suffering of withdrawal. You’re more likely not to relapse when taken care of by a doctor in a Louisville rehab center.

No More Relapsing

Addicts hate relapsing. For many, it can destroy any confidence they had about sobriety. To ensure you maintain your sobriety, you should find a Louisville rehab center today. Give us a call at 866-300-6707 to see how we can help you with your recovery and prevent a relapse.