IOP Program - PAX Riverbend Drug and Alcohol Rehab


During your stay here at PAX Recovery Center in Jeffersonville we will also provide you the opportunity to express your feelings in both group therapy, and individual therapy. Talking about any negative emotions or reservations about living sober can be addressed while you are here and our drug counselors will help create an individualized treatment plan to help you decrease your chances of relapsing. Our certified addiction specialists will also discuss how to help you avoid triggers that cause drug cravings as well as helping you learn how to find support groups when you leave our facility.

PHP Rehabilitation

Partial-hospitalization level of care is our highest level of care. After properly detoxing individuals will move to an partial-hospitalization setting. Clients engage in 25 hours of intensive group therapy along with 1 hour of individual therapy weekly.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

After completing PHP level of care individuals are moved down a step of care to Intensive-Outpatient or IOP. Typically individuals will receive between 9 and 15 hours of clinical care from our licensed therapists.

Medication Therapy

We provide medication to help individuals ultimately get to a place where they can work on achieving long-term sobriety.