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Humana HMO & In-Network | Pax Riverbend in Jefferson, IN Drug Rehab Coverage

One of the most important factors when considering drug rehab in Indiana is insurance coverage. One of the largest and most common healthcare insurance in Jeffersonville, Indiana is Humana insurance. From individual plans, group plans, Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplemental plans, and Medicare prescriptions plans, Humana offers a variety of individualized plans designed to meet the coverage needs of over 9 million members. Humana prides itself on creating healthcare plans that cover not only basic health need, but dental, vision, employers, and pharmacy coverage as well. Pax Riverbend proves its dedication to helping as many clients as possible by working with several insurance companies like Humana HMO & In-Network.

PAX Riverbend Accepts

  • Humana HMO
  • Humana Gold Plus HMO
  • Humana In-Network

Humana Substance Abuse Treatment Coverage

Managing the behavioral health benefits of the company, Humana Behavioral Health offers coverage for premier mental health and substance abuse services in Jeffersonville, Indiana. This specialized branch of Humana coverage offers services for clients suffering from anxiety, depression, and co-occurring drug and alcohol substance use disorders. More specifically, Humana Behavioral Health services over 5 million members nationwide. With over 350,000 medical providers in-network, Humana extends its coverage across the entire United States.

Humana HMO & In-Network plans offer coverage for rehabilitation services, including drug and alcohol rehab. However, copays and deductibles are dependent upon each individual policy as well as the state that the policyholder resides in. Pax Riverbend does accept Humana plans, but the coverage varies according to the specific plan. In other words, your plan may only offer partial coverage of your treatment and it’s always best to check with your Humana coverage prior to enrollment.

Humana offers coverage for several treatment services such as:

Intensive Outpatient Services

Intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse, at PAX Riverbend, is covered by Humana HMO & In-Network plans. The amount of coverage is dependent upon your specific plan. This type of treatment is suggested for individuals who are unable to maintain sobriety in the community with only outpatient treatment services. At PAX Riverbend, our IOP program is structured to help individuals stay sober and cope with the stress associated with everyday responsibilities. Through structured therapy sessions and flexible scheduling, individuals have the ability to receive the addiction treatment services they need while also maintaining commitments to work, family, and school. Our team of addiction specialists at PAX Riverbend will assist you through the entire IOP rehabilitation phase of treatment. Individual and group therapy sessions aim to teach individuals how to live healthy, sober lifestyles. The length of treatment in our IOP program is contingent upon each individual’s addiction as well as their Humana coverage. Be sure to check your policy for more details on the coverage Humana will cover for PAX Riverbend’s intensive outpatient treatment program.

Outpatient Services

Humana offers coverage for outpatient treatment services when an individual suffering from addiction is diagnosed medically or psychologically needy. Outpatient treatment in Jeffersonville, Indiana is not as intensive as inpatient treatment or IOP programs. This specific level of care is typically suggested for individuals who may be entering substance abuse treatment for the first time or if he/she has children, work, or school responsibilities they must tend to while attending drug and alcohol rehab at PAX Riverbend. Our outpatient program at PAX Riverbend includes individual, group, and family psychotherapy sessions. Humana offers outpatient treatment for substance abuse coverage for individuals throughout Indiana. Call Humana to find out more about what outpatient treatment services your specific plan covers.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

Co-occurring disorders describe the presence of not only a substance use disorder but a mental health disorder as well. The Affordable Care Act requires all insurance providers, including Humana, to offer mental health service coverage for all individual and small group plans.

Professional drug and alcohol rehabs, such as PAX Riverbend, understand the importance of catering to individuals suffering from any type of dual diagnosis. If left untreated, mental health disorders can perpetuate the cycle of addiction and vice versa. Therefore, it is vital that the treatment program simultaneously addresses the addiction as well as any underlying mental health disorder. Humana Behavioral Health offers a wide variety of rehabilitation coverage options for mental health disorders. Check with your provider to get a better understanding of what rehabilitation services your individual plan includes.

PAX Riverbend Accepts Humana Insurance

When you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, every step in the process of seeking treatment can be scary and overwhelming. Verifying your insurance options can seem like a daunting task, which is why it is important for you to educate yourself on the coverage your specific plan offers. Humana has a team of knowledgeable customer service agents who can help verify your coverage. Our team of trained professionals at PAX Riverbend is dedicated to ensuring that every client receives the quality addiction treatment plan that best fits their individual needs. Our staff is well versed in treating addiction of all types and we pride ourselves on addressing any underlying co-occurring disorder as well. The goal at PAX Riverbend is to help our patients maintain long term sobriety and we are always here to help make this process as stress-free as possible. Working with Humana and a variety of other insurance companies, we strive to create a community that eases the stress of financial insecurity while better servicing each client.


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