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How Do I Know if an Inpatient Rehab Center Is the Right Fit for Me?

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Obtaining treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is a topic currently on your mind, and you likely have started to conduct at least a bit of research. Through this research or through your own knowledge of rehab centers, you know that both inpatient and outpatient programs exist. As a result, you’re wondering if inpatient rehab treatment i the right fit for you.

Factors to Consider

Whether you should procure inpatient or outpatient treatment is an individual matter. In other words, a one-size-fits-all answer does not exist. The best action for you to take is to speak with a representative from the facility openly and honestly about your situation so that you can learn what your recommended treatment program is. Before, during and after that conversation, you can consider several other factors as well:

  • past treatment experience
  • level of addiction
  • commitment to the program
  • ability to leave your home
  • recommendations from current experts

Evaluating all of these factors can help you to determine if inpatient treatment is the right option for you.

Past Treatment Experience

Whether or not you have had treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction in the past plays a role in the type of treatment you procure now. For example, perhaps you tried an outpatient program and found that your temptations were still present and powerful in your daily life. Instead of returning to this type of treatment, consider an inpatient program that removes you from those temptations in many ways. On the other hand, if an inpatient program didn’t work for you, consider the reasons why. You may need to find a different inpatient program, or you may really require the support of your immediate family while you go through treatment.

Level of Addiction

You also must consider how addicted you are to the substance and what substance it is that you are addicted to. Some addictions have extremely severe withdrawal symptoms that can come into fruition. If you are addicted to one of these substances, opting for an inpatient program that offers medically supervised detox can garner the best results. It’s also possible that you have been clean for a while and are started to feel tempted again. In this case, you may want to see if attending an outpatient program can relieve you of your temptations.

Commitment to the Program

Regardless of what type of treatment you decide to pursue, you must make a commitment to it. Of course, moving away from home and into a treatment facility involves a commitment that happens all day and every day until your program is over. Opting for a program that you cannot commit to could mean serious struggles with getting sober. Instead, choose a program that you can realistically commit to as you begin your journey.

Ability to Leave Your Home

Some people truly do not have the option to leave their homes because of certain responsibilities. For example, if you literally have no one to take care of your children, going to outpatient treatment can be the more suitable option. Still, though, you should not give up easily if what you really need is an inpatient treatment program. At first thought, you might say that moving away from your home is impossible. However, as you begin to investigate other options, you might find that relatives and friends are willing to take care of your children, pets, and home and that employers are eager for you to take the time off from work to get sober. Make sure you really look into all of the options before stating that you cannot leave home.

Recommendations from Other Professionals

Speaking with a representative at the rehab facility in which you are interested is certainly encouraged because this step is important. However, you should also consult with other professionals, such as your doctor and therapist, in your life. These individuals can provide you with insight into the state of your current addiction and how much it is affecting your body and mind. Talking with them about different treatment plans might help you to realize that an inpatient program is the best fit. Enrolling in an inpatient program isn’t always easy. After all, you will have to leave your loved ones behind and live at the facility for a period of time. Despite these factors, take into account how much an inpatient program can help you. Call 866-300-6707 today to get started.

Medically Reviewed: September 25, 2019

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.