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Yes we do. Our partial-hospitalization drug rehabilitation program will help you detox without experiencing the painful effects of withdrawal thanks to our medication assisted therapies. We will also provide you with twenty five clinical hours of intensive counseling per week.

Yes, in fact we do. Our doctors will assess your level of required care, and they maybe authorized to provide you medications like Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Naltraxone to help combat withdrawal symptoms so you can experience a safe and pain free detox.

We accept patients with and without insurance. If you are serious about getting clean and entering our drug treatment program, then feel free to contact us. Our goal is to help as many people as possible and to save lives in the process.

We do also provide intensive outpatient drug rehabilitation and if you decide this treatment option is right for you, then you will be expected to partake in three to five group therapy sessions per week which can be up to fifteen clinical hours. Group counseling can help you develop a strong support group that can increase your chances of success during rehabilitation. Here clients will continue to learn skills to deal with causes of addiction. This program is designed for those who have recently completed our PHP or Partial-Hospitalization Program or is an ideal alternative for clients that identify the need for treatment but do not have the luxury of discontinuing personal responsibilities to family, employment and school that is associated with going to Residential/ Inpatient Treatment.

Of course. We know that sometimes patients will sometimes experience multiple episodes of relapse before they commit to their path to sobriety and we support everyone for making the commitment to get help. When you decide to enter our drug treatment facility, we will expect you to take randomized drug tests throughout your inpatient and outpatient programs to hold you accountable for your behavior. This can help minimize the chance of relapsing during treatment and improve the chances of your overall recovery.

The length of your stay in our drug treatment program will depend on your individualized treatment plan and if you will be taking part in our outpatient program. Sometimes patients will stay in our rehab facility for up to ninety days.

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