Can I Tour Alcohol Rehabs Before Deciding on the Best One?

Can I Tour Alcohol Rehabs Before Deciding on the Best One?

Can I Tour Alcohol Rehabs Before Deciding on the Best One?

In an effort to protect the privacy of patients, and with the overarching goal of maintaining a closed and safe treatment environment, many alcohol rehabs do not allow in-person tours. Instead, they make every attempt to give people a clear view into the look, conditions, and operating methods of their treatment centers, without physically opening their doors to the public. This is accomplished through numerous online resources such as digital or virtual tours, educational videos, and written information. This allows prospective patients to make wholly informed decisions about where they would like to receive their care, and without having to impose upon anyone who’s currently in treatment. The rules concerning facility tours can vary from one location to another. Certain treatment centers may have small areas of their locations that are open to public visitors. More often than not, however, keeping existing patients protected, and making sure that prohibited substances do not find their way in is paramount to these clinics.

The Benefits Of Virtual Tours And Other Visual Resources

When you get ready to enroll in an alcohol rehab program, you’ll likely be committing to an extended period of time away from your family, friends, and outside life in general. Alcohol is a very pervasive substance in modern society. You don’t have to go far to find someone who’s willing to offer or sell you a drink. From sports bars and restaurants to grocery stores and corner shops, there’s certainly no difficulty in finding and accessing alcoholic beverages.

Rehab, however, is designed to be a safe and temptation-free space. This way, patients can focus on working on their recoveries, developing healthy coping strategies, and learning more about the underlying causes of their addictive behaviors. Moreover, onsite counselors and other team members won’t have to worry about contraband materials being sneaked in. In addition to protecting current patients, access to virtual tours, as opposed to in-person tours, gives prospective participants the time to carefully study the look and layouts of these spaces. Rather than being rushed through a personal tour, you can take your time to look at detailed images and videos of the place in which you might be staying, while reading captions, blog posts, and in-depth articles that describe this environment and the attributes and challenges that it presents. With virtual tours, you can learn more about any available:

  • In-room amenities
  • Communal areas
  • Recreational zones
  • General property features
  • Visiting areas
  • Spaces reserved for individual and group therapy

After having taken a virtual tour of an alcohol rehab center, you can get answers to any questions that you might have. Many rehab centers have lengthy FAQ sections on their websites, as well as feedback from past clients, information on their success rates, details on their program steps, and more. Although you won’t have the ability to physically walk through treatment centers ahead of attending a rehab program, you can learn all of the same information from the multitude of info resources that are freely available online. Moreover, once you do decide to start the in-house treatment process, you’ll invariably find yourself grateful for the diligent efforts that staff members make to protect patient privacy.

Getting Help With The Selection Process

It is also important to note that building aesthetics are hardly your first concern when choosing a rehab program for alcohol addiction. You want to look for multi-disciplinary teams of professionals who can knowledgeably assist you with the detoxification and withdraw processes, and who can offer effective treatment for any co-occurring disorders that you might have. There are so many other important features and factors to consider when attempting to choose the best program for your needs. For example, you should learn more about:

  • Group and individual counseling programs
  • The availability of life planning services
  • Access to continued support post-treatment
  • The underlying philosophy of the treatment center
  • The average duration of treatment

You don’t have to take an in-person tour of a treatment center in order to determine whether it’s right for you. In fact, there are always trained professionals standing by who can assist you in these efforts. If you’re ready to commit to alcohol rehab but want to make sure that you’ll be entering a safe, comfortable, and ultimately supportive environment, we can help. Call us today at 866-300-6707 to find an accessible and truly needs-specific solution.