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Can Addiction Experts Near Me Recommend the Best Treatment Resources for My Financial Situation?

Can Addiction Experts Near Me Recommend the Best Treatment Resources for My Financial Situation?

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One of the biggest concerns people have prior to rehab is how to pay for treatment. Families feel overwhelming relief when their loved one agrees to get help, but the cost of addiction treatment at many private rehabs can quickly crush hope and leave people feeling lost. The cost of rehab varies depending on the facility and duration of treatment, and health insurance often plays the biggest role in determining how much someone will have to pay on their own. If you do not have health insurance, earn a low income or are presently unemployed, there are still options to help you get into treatment and start reclaiming your life.

The Cost of Addiction vs. Rehab

Drinking and drug use cost thousands of dollars annually, and they rob people of far more than money. Addiction causes you to lose your sense of purpose and control, binding you to a cycle of guilt, shame, depression, anxiety and avoidance that you could very well repeat forever without treatment. Some people spend over $300 a day on heroin. A person with alcohol use disorder can easily spend hundreds of dollars a week on drinks. The lifetime financial cost of addiction is far more than the price of rehab. Excluding luxury facilities, most inpatient rehab programs cost between $2,500 to $5,000. The price may change depending on how long you stay in the treatment, but this is the typical fare because centers want to make treatment accessible and affordable for everyone. The cost includes treatment, resources, food, and housing during your stay.

How Can I Find a Good Rehab I Can Afford?

If you are homeless, you can still go to rehab. If you do not have a job, you can still go to rehab. If you are trapped in crippling debt, you can still go to rehab. The mission of every facility is to help people, not make a profit. While they cannot give away everything for free, rehabs offer payment plans that help people get in the door and receive treatment without any money on-hand. Private insurance does cover the cost of many drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, and there are also coverages available for recipients of Medicare and Medicaid. Many residential rehabs even offer job assistance, helping you develop the skills you need to build a solid resume and secure employment. Looking for rehabs that provide clients with personal development education is a good way to build a future that isn’t rooted in the past.

Finding the Best Value for Your Money

An upscale facility does not mean treatment is any better than a small, outpatient treatment center. It’s important to understand the qualities of a good rehab to ensure you make the most beneficial decision for your well-being. Recovery is not about luxury amenities or accommodations. Instead, you must look for a rehab that has a mission statement you believe in and a therapeutic approach you can see yourself responding well to. Your own accountability and belief in the effectiveness of treatment will play the largest role in your recovery.

If you go to a rehab “just because it’s supposed to work,” you won’t experience the change you need to truly obtain abstinence and sobriety. Financing your treatment is only one part of preparing to enter rehab. Some facilities may require you to complete detox at a detox center or outpatient facility before you can enter treatment. Many states offer free detox services, but others cost a small fee. Medical detox is crucial in many cases to avoid life-threatening health complications. People with alcohol use disorder, opioid, and benzodiazepine addictions are at an exceptionally higher risk of experiencing medical complications during detox, so finding a good detox center or rehab that offers in-house detox services

Connecting With the Right Rehab

If you don’t know where to turn for help, that’s okay. We’re always available to help you learn more about the addiction and recovery processes. No addiction is too mild or severe, and no person is beyond hope. Addiction specialists at local rehabs can help you figure out the best treatment plan for your health, lifestyle and budget. Call us today at 866-300-6707 to learn more and find the most affordable, flexible rehabs and drug treatment centers near you.