Treating Alcohol Withdrawal at an Alcohol Detox in Louisville, KY

How Do Alcohol Detox Centers in Louisville, KY Treat Alcohol Withdrawal?

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Detoxing is the first step towards overcoming an addiction. When it comes to alcohol, detoxing alone can be dangerous and even life-threatening. As a result, many people avoid going to an addiction treatment center because they are scared of going through withdrawal. However, there is nothing to be afraid of because alcohol detox centers are able to treat alcohol withdrawal by minimizing your symptoms and cravings.

Alcohol detox centers in Louisville, KY can help treat your symptoms and get you started on sobriety the right way. During detox, you’ll have access to medical and psychiatric support as well as resources for ongoing recovery. Here is what you can expect during detox at an alcohol treatment center.

Checking Into an Alcohol Detox Center

Most people choose a detox and rehab facility based on who their insurance provider is. Once you’ve chosen a treatment facility, check-in is the first step. Also called intake, check-in may be done on the phone or in person. This is when you will speak with an admissions coordinator who will verify your insurance, get an idea of your current situation, and help answer any questions you may have about detox and treatment.

During intake, you will also learn about the detox facility. You’ll learn what to bring, how long you can expect to stay there, and what rules you will be asked to follow. You may also receive a list of prohibited items that you should leave at home. This should be a fairly quick and stress-free process that will secure your bed/room at the Louisville, KY alcohol detox center.

Medical and Psychiatric Evaluation

After you check into the alcohol detox program, the next step is to undergo a comprehensive medical and psychiatric evaluation. This evaluation is meant to help addiction specialists and doctors gain a thorough understanding of your medical history and alcohol use so they can best support you during detox. The information gathered during your evaluation is used to develop your individualized treatment plan, so it’s important that you be as honest and detailed as possible.

You will be asked questions about your drug and alcohol use, your family medical history, any symptoms you are experiencing, and your history of substance abuse treatment. You may also undergo a psychiatric evaluation to look at your mental state. If needed, doctors may ask for a urine or blood sample to send off for lab tests. This process shouldn’t last long, however, it is one of the most important steps of the alcohol detox process.

Medically-Assisted Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol detox programs in Louisville, KY can provide medically-assisted treatment for your withdrawal symptoms. Although the medications that are approved to treat alcoholism, Naltrexone and Vivitrol, are only used after people have completed detox, long-acting benzodiazepines can be administered to help reduce your withdrawal symptoms. Benzodiazepines like Ativan or Valium can also help prevent seizures and other life-threatening complications that may occur.

Depending on the severity of your symptoms and your medical history, you may begin taking medications as prescribed by your doctor after you finish your evaluation. These medications aren’t meant to cure your withdrawal symptoms. Instead, they will reduce the severity and duration of them, making detox a more tolerable experience.

This step of detox can last anywhere from a couple of days to two or more weeks depending on the severity of your alcoholism and symptoms. In addition to taking detox medications, you’ll have access to nutritious meals, therapy sessions, and peer support. You will also be monitored around-the-clock by medical professionals who will be ready to intervene in the event of a medical emergency.

Alcohol Treatment Planning

Once your alcohol withdrawal symptoms begin to subside and you are ready to leave detox, it’s time for further treatment planning. Detoxification alone doesn’t cure alcoholism. Instead, most people require a comprehensive addiction treatment program. If you attend our alcohol detox in Louisville, KY, you can expect to meet with a substance abuse counselor to learn about your options for ongoing care.

There are two primary types of addiction treatment: inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient provides a high level of care where patients live at the treatment facility. Outpatient rehab, on the other hand, is a lower level of care where patients live at home or at a sober living while attending several hours of counseling each week. Your substance abuse counselor will evaluate your needs and make a suggestion based on which level of care they think is most appropriate for your situation.

Get Started at an Alcohol Detox in Louisville, KY Today

Detoxing from alcohol isn’t nearly as complex or scary as it may seem, especially if you are detoxing at a licensed medical facility. With the combination of medical care, therapy, and peer support, you’ll have access to the tools you need to get started on your sobriety journey. If you or a loved one are addicted to alcohol and are looking for a detox or recovery center in Louisville, KY, pick up the phone and contact us today. We’re here to help.

Medically Reviewed: September 25, 2019

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.